Friday, March 27, 2009

It is hard to believe that it is almost April. So many things have happened in three months! Cyo has come to an end. That took up a lot of our time. Henry has turned one year old on February 28th! Jonny's CYO team took their 5th/6th grade league, but lost the championship by 3 sad points. He also won 3rd place in the 6th grade foul shooting contest. Lexie won the "Father Sullivan" cheerleading award on closing day of CYO. It was very emotional. My first attempt at coaching cheerleading by myself came to an end, and I didn't do a half bad job! Both kids are doing extremely well in school...Jonny just had an overall average of 93 and Lexie's was a 94...both making the high honor roll!!! I am very anxious for spring to be here. I am ready for flip-flops and capris!! My computer is not letting me upload photos, so...Until the next time!!!

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