Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My poor puppy!

Well as you can see from the pics, Henry had an allergic reaction to something. We think it was a bee that I am sure he was trying to play with. We were cleaning and had put him outside. I do check on him because he is a puppy and still gets into things...really he does:)!! Well when I looked out the window I couldn't believe what I saw. I yelled for Mike, and we immediately called the vets office. He told us to give him benedryll, but then Lexie started yelling that he wasn't breathing right! The vet told us to bring him right in. We rushed him to Seneca Falls, and of course I cried the whole time! We got him there and the vet took one look at him and rushed to get benedryll and cortizone shots. Then he examined him. He thought that he was okay so we took him home. The pics are about an hour after he got his shots, so the swelling started to come down. He was so swollen that I thought he was going to pop! Thank goodness that he is okay. I could not even imagine something happening to him. Now I am afraid to put him outside! Never a dull moment our lives!

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